So I got good and sick the other day and have spent a lot of time on the couch nodding in and out of feverish sleep while AMC is on in the background. Fun, huh?

AMC runs a lot of commercials for an acid reflux drug called "Aciphex".

Here's a hint, drug companies. When you pick a name for a medicine, consider how it will ultimately be pronounced.

In my feverish dreams, I just kept wondering what "ass effects" were and why AMC was trying to sell them to me.


*rubs eyes*

*Yawn, grumble*

hmpf. Good morning. Izzat coffee I smell? Mind if I have a cup?

What's today?


Holy crap.

*looks down*

Does that say December 22? I haven't blogged since then?

Sheesh. That's a lot to cover. Lotta pressure.

Ah well. I'll get you guys all caught up. For now, a few things to know:

1) It's freakin' freezing outside. I think it's officially 0 degrees with a windchill around -20. That's stupid.

2) I just started reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Sarah got it for me for Christmas. It's really good.

3) I need to see There Will Be Blood. Stat. I saw a bunch of movies since we last talked. I hadn't seen a movie in the theater in a good while, and over the break I saw several. No Country for Old Men and Juno were great. I am Legend was fun but forgettable. Walk Hard was funny in spots, but mostly because of John C. Reilly, Paul Rudd, and Jenna Fischer's cuteness. Sweeney Todd was pretty great, and I still can't believe it got made. Bloody. Bleak. Sing-songy?

Anyway. More soon. You're adorable.