I went to Dallas a couple of weeks ago. Work stuff. Nothing exciting. Hence my post about banks heists.

I'd been to Dallas before, but this time I went to Dealey Plaza. The infamous grassy knoll.

See those buildings above? The one more prominently featured? Count six stories up.

It was a sunny day. I sat outside and enjoyed the warmth.

There's an 'x' in the road. Bizarre memorial.


Missing no more.

My cat went AWOL twice recently. First, she took off for two days. She came back looking rained-on and shame-faced like an off-the-wagon drunk resurfacing after an 8-day bender.

A few days later she took off again. She was gone for nearly a week. I put up posters. I called the shelters. All that.

I got a call from someone who had seen my posters reporting that someone a few blocks away had posters up reporting a cat found. She had wandered into the back door of a sandwich shop and one of the staff members took her home. She was missing for almost a week, but only outside for a grand total of a few hours.

Charmed life, that.

Anyway, here's a picture of her in recovery mode.


Jason came to town over Halloween weekend. Jason , for those of you not down with the Young Brothers, is my older brother. Tommy's the sensitive one. Sam's the complicated one. You know. Like N*Sync.

He was in town for his birthday. 31, Ladies and gents. 31 years old and he can be seen here with shoes strapped to his knees as a sort of "Dorf on Golf" tiny person.

We went to a lovely "Heaven and Hell" Party thrown by my friends Jason and Freddie. Great time. Don't believe me? Let's go to the reel.

Martin as a G. Kara as white trash. Jason again and Charley as a lazy asshole who can't be bothered to wear a costume. I'm not sure it was intentional, but Kara and Martin have a nice K-Fed-B-Spears thing going on.

In the corner? Sexy Lincoln.

Matt as Terry from Reno 911. Also, note my sweet Fu Manchu. You are WELCOME.
More Terry and lazy dude.

Fun night. Great to see my bro.


Black Saturday

October 20: At App they have a tradition called "Black Saturday". Get rid of the gold, and sport black on game day. It's a blast. I went down this year, and had an amazing time. I decided to go at the last minute, but made it safe and sound.

Some of my very good buddies were there for the festivities. Adam and Nicole. Dave. Sarah Fried Chicken. Rachelle. Carson and Siege. Ray. Shelby and Joe even came down. Definitely good times. The Cliftons brought along a pop-up camper, and many of the hardier kids slept in the parking lot. Great people. I made a few new friends, too. That's always nice.

Oh, and beer pong/flip cup tables are fully portable.

I skipped the parking lot camper sleeping and bedded down at the Morrison's mountain house. They were up for the weekend. They're like extra parents for me. Lovely people. I spent Sunday hanging out with them and recovering from around 36 hours of drinking and ridiculousness. Coffee. Hot tub. Food. And this view:

Notice I didn't mention the actual game much. It's still a sore spot. We lost at home for the first time in 30 games. The last home game we lost was in 2002. Ah well. It happens. It was a blast of a weekend, and if we had to walk away without a "W", so be it. Not my preference, but so be it. Great weekend.



So when it was still warm out, I got myself a bike. It's pretty great. Vintage '83 Trek. Ridiculously light for a vintage bike. Nice and fast.

When I was a kid surrounded by dirt paths and gravel roads, road bikes seemed pointless. In Chicago? Road bikes work just fine.

I like this bike a lot. Too bad it'll be too cold to ride it in about 12 minutes.
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I'm in Dallas for work.

Downtown Dallas really makes me want to rob a bank. Seriously.

I was walking around last night, and I passed big fat banks filled with lots and lots of oil money and there was NO ONE AROUND.

I want to meet a guy named "Big" or "T-Bone" in a blues bar and get him to be my lookout. I want a guy in a van guiding me through the process as he screws around on a computer and eats Twix bars. I want a former Ukrainian gymnast to crawl through an air duct and somehow come out inside the vault.

I'll be the guy who always walks. Never runs. Always walks. I'm already wearing a suit. I might as well be the cool, never runs, suit guy.

So yeah, Dallas. That's what you get for making me feel like I'm on an abandoned movie lot set from a movie about a downtown instead of actually having stuff going on. You get your banks robbed. In my mind.