Timmy does Dallas.

I'm in Dallas for a telecom conference. Oh joy of all joys.

It's not a bad conference, as these sorts of things go. I just don't really like traveling for work. I barely know the coworker that I'm here with and the meetings are usually less than exciting. I don't really feel comfortable in the room where I'm staying, and most of the people at the conference are... well... not really my kind of people. They're generally either several decades older than me or super-slick sales types.

The part of Dallas we are in is so boring that listening to lectures on telecommunications is blisteringly attractive compared to tottering around the maze of homogenized office buildings and bar-grills. If I can find a grocery store or something of the sort, I'm going to buy a bag of cheetos and a sixer and hole up until my flight leaves on Thursday. I'd normally be more adventurous in a new city, but I am exhausted after spending all day talking and listening and standing and wearing uncomfortable shoes, and have a day full of the same crap tomorrow.

Some people live for this stuff. I just kinda want to go home.


Lindsay said...

Where are you staying? I could recommend some good places.

Tim Young said...

The Adam's Mark Hotel on Olive. In downtown boresville.

Lindsay said...

Since you're right by I35, you can always go north on 35 and exit Oak Lawn. follow that street down and there are a ton of restaurants. And the West End is close by too, shops and restaurants and bars. I guess you don't have a car....but you could walk over to the west end. Just have the hotel point you in the right direction. Just a few suggestions....Hope this helps!