Speaking of other bloggers:

My friend Mac used to live in Chicago and do improv. He dabbled in photography here and there, but was, I think I can safely say, only moderately serious about it? It seemed to rank somewhere between Little Caesar's Pizza and Xbox on his priorities list.

High praise, when you think about it.

Since, he moved to Jacksonville and now out to Southern Oregon and is taking some really cool and very beautiful photos. He's been getting into portraits lately, and the level of work is pretty amazing. Visit his blog. http://www.macisaguy.blogspot.com/

And I promise my next post won't be about somebody else's blog....

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mac said...

thanks for the shout out beast. i'd have to agree i was much more interested in a slice of cheese than making something of myself. oh how the times change...

...or don't actually...seeing as i have a mandatory pizza break every afternoon around 1. vacation my ass.

(side note, the word i've been provided for verification looks like bosom. are you choosing these supposedly random words you perv? and i'm also not entirely sure why being interested in bosoms makes a heterosexual man a perv. i'd elaborate, but i think papa john might become lonely...)