The fellow above, Anthony Graham, was an assistant principal at my high school. He passed away yesterday due to some sort of illness. The article above was sketchy as to what kind of illness, but that doesn't really matter.

He was the sort of guy who'd see you in the hallway after school and buy you a can of coke and talk to you about your college plans. He was tough, but a lot of fun. Called everyone 'compadre'. I remember him standing in the middle of the gym floor along with me and about a dozen other teachers and seniors doing the "Men in Black" dance at a pep rally.

Yeah, pretty cool, huh? I was super awesome in high school. Senior Class Presidents don't get any cooler... while dancing to a marketing tool. Mr. Graham made it seem pretty cool, though. He was the sort of fellow who could break up a fight OR bounce with it, just bounce with it (and let his neck work. And freeze).

He left my high school some years ago, and was the principal of a middle school in Columbia, SC. I'm sure his students will miss him. He was pretty great.

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Sweat said...

I am just of the knowledge that one of my best my friends and brother passed away. I am totally stunned. Last month, I have been trying to call him and got no answer. Normally, he would be busy working but return my call. However, when the number was disconnected, I found that highly unusual. He was a remarkable man who cared deeply for his family, friends and all of the students lives he touched. He was a scholar. South Carolina and the African-American community has lost a great citizen and educator. He would have made a great Secretary of Education for SC and the nation. To all of the students and people lives he touched, continue to educate yourself and take your education very seriously. Do your best to be good citizens for your families, communities and nation. Help another who's in need. Feed the hungry, clothed the naked and housed the homeless just as Anthony feed, clothed and sheltered many of you. Do that...and his living will not be in vain. Do that as Christ does for us all. My heart is broken and my spirit melancholy. I shall remember the goodness on my "Compadre". He worked very diligently for his students. As I think about him and remember how he worked so hard with little rest, it seems he gave his life serving others. I will NEVER forget him. I truly miss him. Anthony, may your spirit rest peacefully and eternally with God.