Black Saturday

October 20: At App they have a tradition called "Black Saturday". Get rid of the gold, and sport black on game day. It's a blast. I went down this year, and had an amazing time. I decided to go at the last minute, but made it safe and sound.

Some of my very good buddies were there for the festivities. Adam and Nicole. Dave. Sarah Fried Chicken. Rachelle. Carson and Siege. Ray. Shelby and Joe even came down. Definitely good times. The Cliftons brought along a pop-up camper, and many of the hardier kids slept in the parking lot. Great people. I made a few new friends, too. That's always nice.

Oh, and beer pong/flip cup tables are fully portable.

I skipped the parking lot camper sleeping and bedded down at the Morrison's mountain house. They were up for the weekend. They're like extra parents for me. Lovely people. I spent Sunday hanging out with them and recovering from around 36 hours of drinking and ridiculousness. Coffee. Hot tub. Food. And this view:

Notice I didn't mention the actual game much. It's still a sore spot. We lost at home for the first time in 30 games. The last home game we lost was in 2002. Ah well. It happens. It was a blast of a weekend, and if we had to walk away without a "W", so be it. Not my preference, but so be it. Great weekend.

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