Missing no more.

My cat went AWOL twice recently. First, she took off for two days. She came back looking rained-on and shame-faced like an off-the-wagon drunk resurfacing after an 8-day bender.

A few days later she took off again. She was gone for nearly a week. I put up posters. I called the shelters. All that.

I got a call from someone who had seen my posters reporting that someone a few blocks away had posters up reporting a cat found. She had wandered into the back door of a sandwich shop and one of the staff members took her home. She was missing for almost a week, but only outside for a grand total of a few hours.

Charmed life, that.

Anyway, here's a picture of her in recovery mode.

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mac said...

i was going to say that maybe i found your cat. my roommate took in a little guy that looks just like that from some kids on our doorstep who were tired of looking for a home for the kitten they had found. i'm sure they went to close to 3 or 4 houses before ours in their exhaustive search. plus, my roommate is a pushover for kittens. so am i, but only if a cute girl is asking.

but then i read you found your cat. so the one we have isn't yours. though maybe it does belong to oregon's bizarro tim.

i'd feel bad for you about app state's home loss...but now you know what it's like to go to a clemson home game. every single weekend.