A few words on the Oscars.

- Let no man ever say that Hugh Jackman is talentless. Singing. Dancing. Comedic timing. Beyond thinking he made a pretty good Wolverine, I've never really thought about the guy, but now I'm convinced.

- The coin that Phillippe Petit (from Man on Wire) made disappear was found this morning off the coast of Argentina.

- I came in second place in a winner-take-all Oscar pool, and fully blame the Academy for underappreciating the sound mixing and editing in Wall-E.

Most entertaining Oscars in a long time, in my humble opinion.


Lindsay said...

Thank you! I loved it too. I can't understand why so many people hated it.

Robert Cass said...

I missed the film clips for actors' performances, but the ceremony was more entertaining than last year's. They screwed up the "In Memoriam" segment badly, though. If you died in 2008, the Oscars didn't care too much about making sure your name was visible on people's TV screens at home.