Monday, Monday

You know, Monday gets a bad rap. New Years Day is all about hope and resolutions and turning over a new leaf and all that stupid stuff. "It's the beginning of a new year! Hooray! Let's get blasted on champagne, kiss strangers, and order a Bowflex!"

Mondays start a new week 52 times a year.

Well, I guess Sundays technically do that, but stay with me here.

What does Monday get in return? Grief.

Today wasn't so bad. It's terribly cold. My hands have hurt all day. Also, I was downtown and told some people to give me a call if we were going to be meeting for work. Unfortunately, T-Mobile's downtown network went down today, so I missed the calls. That's pretty great. Thanks, guys. Oh well.

Tomorrow is a teaching day. That's always fun.

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