I've got a fevah.

And the only cure is to prattle on about some random stuff.
*I've been taking the train more, as I've been working more downtown. It's nice, in a way. More relaxing than driving, and since my work hours are flexible, I don't worry about delays as much as I used to. I generally travel during off-times, so there are usually plenty of seats. I have to take the Red Line, though, for most of the trip, and it always smells like... various types of human effluence. I prefer the Brown Line, which I take from my house to the Red Line. It's the Cadillac of public transportation.
*This weekend is going to be pretty tame and filled with work. At first, anyway. Sunday night will be Super Bowl havoc, no doubt. Last weekend was better. 
* I had a hankering for Chinese food tonight and the place by me was closed. I got in my car and drove several blocks (lay off, it's cold outside) in crappy traffic, lost my parking space in front of my building and had to walk back in the chilly weather. It was then that I saw a "China Hut" that I had never seen before half a block from my house. I'd walked by the space in the last few days or weeks, and saw that they were working on something in the empty storefront space, but the windows were covered and I didn't care that much. It's my fault for not paying attention.
* I got a new part time job writing press releases. That should be fun.
* Last weekend I also saw Pan's Labyrinth. It's fantastic. Frightening. Pretty. Worth seeing.
And now? Sleep. I've got a big day of mindless work in the frigid cold. Viva Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

I don't even get a shoutout? I will, however, be awaiting my legos.