My weekend.
Friday- Straight from working at the bank to working box office at The Playground. From there to home, where I worked on some writing and editing stuff until lateish.
Saturday- Up around 5 to do some more of the editing stuff that I couldn't finish the night before. In Naperville by 8:30. Taught a class from 9-1:30 and another one from2-5. Back to Chicago. Quick trip to the grocery store, at The Playground by 7:15 for a Cowlick show. After that, beers and Balderdash at BJs place. Home by 1.
Sunday- Up by 8. In Naperville around 9:45. Class till 1. Back in Chicago for Hogwash rehearsal at 2. Departed from Hogwash at 4 to head home to do more stuff for the magazine. Involuntary nap... (Not a lot of sleep this weekend), and a late arrival to a Fowler meeting at Shelby's. Back home by 9. Work on writing/editing stuff until 3. Awake around 7 to finish up. Phone interview at 9.

And now? The relaxation of the 'work week.'

Stupid quasibohemian, non-9-to-5, maintain multiple job lifestyle. It's pretty great... most of the time. Still, weekends like this make me long for the relaxation of a cubicle, benefits, and a single w2.

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