France... at last.

Well, for the seven of you who haven't totally given up on this blog, how about an update? First thing's first. Let's talk about France.

I went to Nice for business. Most of my time was spent in a convention center (which was just like American convention centers, only with good croissants and decent coffee.

My nights were spent at a tiny hotel/hostel called Hotel Wilson. I highly recommend the spot. Delightfully inexpensive (3 nights in a room with a double bed and a single bed, a private bathroom and shower, a great breakfast of toasts and muffins and croissants and fresh baguettes and coffee, all for around 140 euro. That's around 180 bucks in a place where hotels are usually very expensive. Awesome.) No frills, but I dig that. The owner, who lives there, speaks 6 languages. The whole place has a homey feel. The TV only gets 6 channels and only 2 of those are in English, but that includes CNN International, which is way better than the CNN in the US. Who watches TV in Nice, though? Go eat and drink.

No AC, but this was my window:

And these were my cacti. They lived on my window. I named them all Jean-Pierre.

My hotel was on this street:

This is the sort of thing that you can see in Nice. Lovely. This was carved into a cliff face right by the sea.

This is what was immediately behind me as I took that last photo.

Amazing. I can't wait to go back.

Do stay tuned. More updates are coming.

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