In Gauge Mints

I suppose it's that time of year.

In the last week, I've been informed that two of my friends have decided to take that big next step towards marriage. (.... two couples, anyway. In one case, both are friends of mine. So I guess it's three friends. You get the idea though.)

It looks like between Shelby and Joe, Adam and Nicole, and Amy and Ricky, I'll be down south for at least three separate weddings next summer. That's cool, though. Should be good times all the way around.

Anyway, congratulations, everybody!


Andy said...

You said Shelby and Joe. Shelby from HHI? Oh, this is Andy by the way...

Tim Young said...

Nope. This is Shelby from Shelby. (Shelby, NC). She went to App with me, and we do lots of improv together.