My trip to France was followed immediately by a trip to Charleston. Actually, the timeline went like this:

Friday, May 18: Cowlick performs the last night of Cowlick: The Musical.
Saturday, May 19: I teach a morning class and hit the road by 2pm. I drive to SC.
Sunday, May 20: After getting into Sumter in the wee hours of the morning, I go to Charlotte and get on a plane and fly to London.
Monday, May 21: I arrive in London, go from Gatwick to Victoria Station in Westminster, and mill around. Then I fly to Nice.
Thursday, May 24: I fly back to London. I crash in the airport.
Friday, May 25: Back to the states. Drive back to Sumter. Finish copy for issue of magazine. Drive to Charleston.

It was a long one. The Charleston time was amazing, though. We stayed at the 'Notso Hostel' (God, you're cute, Charleston), which was cool because it was in an old Charleston house with a big front porch adjacent to our room, complete with rocking chairs and a rope hammock.

Our shows were well received (review) and we ate and drank well.

It was a blast to have my family and friends from back home actually able to see my work. I'm used to assuming that no one will see me play outside of Chicago, and that's a long haul from SC.
We also met a girl who knew/ knew of all of us thanks to Arnie's blog (which is linked right over here ======> and worth a read if you aren't familiar).

She did the sheepish thing of "Well, I don't actually KNOW him.... but I read his blog."

Ah, strange internet world.

Anyway, I can't find my camera, and forgot to take many pictures anyway, but you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people too....If I ever meet you guys in person I might feel like I'm meeting a celebrity, and feel the need to ask for you autograph.