Today, Recess, which is the Playground Theatre's children's outreach group, performed at the Chicago Cultural Center for a cool little Halloween festival. We did three shows, alternating spots with a band that played 'Werewolves of London", the "Batman" theme, and other vaguely halloweeny songs. There was also a lady walking around with either a monkey or a parrot. She kept the other little guy in the green room. Here, Austin makes a friend. The monkey was pretty excellent. She was 5 months old and wore a diaper. She was trying all of her tricks to convince us to let her out of her cage, but we resisted. I think she would have gotten free and knocked over a 7-11 or something. Monkeys are shifty, dude.

The kids were cute. The shows were fun. I was told that there was a toddler dressed as Prince, complete with tiny purple suit, pomaded pompadour, and pencil-thin moustache. I miss all the good ones.

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