More doom and gloom.

Wow, I hate to be a downer. I really have been, lately. All the moping about the weather and the rained out baseball game and all that. The last few days, though.... have been pretty morbid.

There was the huge fire in the South Loop. For those of you outside of Chicago, this old building that must be ten stories tall and a hundred years old went up in smoke. It once (maybe even up until the fire) housed a company that advertised its 'Charcoal-Broiled Steaks' on a big sign in front of the building. Paging Ms. Morrisette. Irony on line two.

Then I was passing by a parking deck on Ontario St. in the Mag Mile, and there were cop cars around and lots of police tape. It seems a gentleman jumped off of the top floor. At least a good 8 stories.

Also, today on Lakeshore, I saw lots of firetrucks and divers and ambulances out by the lake in the area between Belmont and North. There aren't any beaches there. Just seawalls. The lake was cold and rough.

I was also told about a girl that was run over and killed by a truck right on Halsted, not too far from the Playground Theatre, where I perform. A friend of a friend held the girl's hand as she died.

I know this is all pretty morose, even for the week approaching Halloween. These are the wrong sorts of ghosts.

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