Tonight, a couple of members from Cowlick and I went out to a college in the suburbs to do an improv workshop. The college was a very small Christian school, and we were all a little nervous that we would say something terrible, so we spent most of the ride out to the school trying to think of what those things might be.
Example: "We need a suggestion of a fictional location. Like Mayberry. Or Heaven."
We managed to avoid such a gaffe. The workshop was, of course, tons of fun. It might have been neat to go to a school that size (which I haven't since elementary school) and know everyone. Then again, we did the workshop in the 'theatre', which is also the 'student union' and 'fellowship hall'. But hey. Beats most improv theatres.
This picture isn't from tonight, but since my camera is still MIA, it'll have to do. These are the right people, anyway.

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