Yesterday, my car hit 100,000 miles.

My car could have driven around the Earth at the equator and not reached 100,000 miles. My car could have driven about 2/5 of the way to the moon and not hit 100,000 miles. In fact, if I were to grab a brand new car directly off of the assembly line and try to make its miles match my car's miles, I'd have to do nothing but drive for the next 75 days, and that's assuming I never stop and maintain an average speed of 55mph.

This is no huge deal. I guess odometers roll to six digits every day. I got the car in April, though, and put 14,000 of those miles on since then. That's a lot of driving. My family should move closer.

For those keeping track, though, KNOW that I saw my odo at 99,997 and proceeded to ignore traffic and wait for that puppy to roll over. I'm that kind of safe driver.

My old car had 200,000 miles on her before she fell apart. Poor car.

Here's a shot of that ol' beauty. I don't have any pictures of my new car. I don't know why I have pictures of this ol junker, either. Still, the way I figure it, you travel 200,000 miles and I'll put you in my blog, too.


Anonymous said...

I loved the way that car sounded. It was a special sound.

Tim Young said...

That sound was called 'broken'.