Today is my brother Sam's birthday. He's 22. He's the second youngest of the Young boys (Jason 30, Me 24, Sam 22, Tommy 19). He's a music-lover, a smartass, a deep-down softie, a mathematical/scientific genius, a loyal friend,the self-proclaimed "Raddest Dude Alive", a kickass bass player, a hothead, and a generally great guy.

Sam and I were really close growing up, and grew apart a little after I went off to college. This summer, however, he moved up to Chicago with me, and for just under a month we lived together and drank lots of beer and worked together at a deli. It was a blast. We'd drink beer and watch Entourage. He got to see what this whole improv thing is about. It was some of the most fun I've had in Chicago.

I'm looking forward to seeing him and the rest of the family when I am home for Christmas.

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