Special Bonus Edition

Hey gang.

This weekend has been pretty busy, so I lapsed on bloggin. Cardinal sin. It's like working out. You start skipping a day here, a day there, and before you know it, you can't lift a bagel without getting winded. And then the bagel makes you fatter. Vicious cycle.

Plus I slept all day, so I'm wired even though I have an interview in the morning.

Therefore, I bring you an extra special bonus edition of the ol' bloggity blog, cleverly titled 'Special Bonus Edition'.

Part One: Job.

So Friday I took a step towards having a little more cash in hand as the holidays approach, and bills assure me that they take no holiday. I interviewed with a temp agency. My regular gigs pay the bills, but I have some free time and should be using it to get myself financially stable instead of using it to watch Judge Dredd. Again.
Straight temp work. They call in the late afternoon/ early morning hours and offer you short-term work and you accept or decline. The folks seemed nice enough, and apparently there's no taboo against saying no to a bad assignment. I'm not bad at the corporate thing. As my picture may indicate, however, it's not my favorite lifestyle...

I have an interview with another staffing firm tomorrow. No matter what, it'll just be temp work. None of this temp-to-hire crap. If I wanted a permanent, full-time crap job, i'd interview for one directly.

Part Two: Weekend

We had a ProNounced show at the Cornservatory. My roommate Andrea played. Jason Deux was there, along with the Beckmans and Shelby (who are all members of the usual ProNounced crowd). It was fun.
ProNounced is a group of ASU alumni who perform irregularly. That is, schedule-wise. Irregulary schedule-wise. Our performances aren't abnormal. Well, maybe somewhat.

Afterwards, we went to our favorite dive bar, Gio's, and sang karaoke. I opened the night with Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" and it was only uphill from there. I have a karaoke groupie, by the way. She really likes my signature number, which can only be described as the most stirring rendition of Enrique Iglesias's "Hero" that has ever been witnessed. I'll stop singing that one when it stops being awesome.

Beers were had. White Castle was eaten. We kept the party going until at least 5. That means that today, all I did was sleep, eat a sandwich and some Advil, watch TV and paint Care Bears watercolors.

For real.

Later I dropped by Charley's where I walked in on a majorly sweet game of 'Celebrities'. I got to see some great people, but had to leave to make a late-night rehearsal at Second City. After rehearsal, however, came back to Charley's and learned some sweet breakdancing moves from Charley's roommate Bobby. Want to see a slide show of the most awesome cartwheel in the world? Scroll down fast and it's like a movie.

It ain't easy being a b-boy. I need to get into better shape. Then I want to become a break dancer. Then I want to go camping. That's my to-do list. Hence my aversion to corporate America.

I'm so counterculture it hurts. Or maybe that's the muscle I pulled doing that sweet cartwheel. Which I totally did.


Sarah said...

Ok. I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no freaking way you did that cartwheel AND changed your sweatshirt mid-wheel.

I remember a certain trip to DSI where a certain group named Cowlick tried to teach a certain person how to do s cartwheel and said person could not.

Best of luck.

Tim Young said...

Dude. Check your eyes. Photos don't lie. That's totally me.

Chris Sims said...

Watching any Rob Schneider movie is not as productive as several thousand other things you could be doing with your time.

** alex ** said...

I'm sad I missed the show! Sounds like a good time was had by all - but ya'll missed the Circus. And a yuppie party. So there.