So I have a little bit of a problem. I'm kind of a roadtrip junkie. Everytime I get a little bit antsy, I think long and hard about throwing a tent in the back of my car and driving until it's warm enough outside to use it. Part of it has to do with being far from my family, and part of it has to do with honestly enjoying the trip. Under the right conditions, I have been known to tackle 15 hour non-stop drives all by myself. As long as I can pull some pitstops for caffeine fixes and have a good book on CD, the miles fly by.

I go more often than I should. I have to constantly think of reasons not to. I need to work. I have rehearsals. Gas is expensive. I just bought groceries.

Plus everytime I start waxing poetic about the road, I feel like i'm writing a sequel to Easy Rider. Wait, i'm not that good a writer. Smokey and the Bandit.

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Jarman said...

You ought to come west and do some skiing this winter. A couple places are already open. Besides, gas will never be this cheap again in our lifetime.