Go. Fight.

So I'm a long way from Appalachian State, but I still have a pretty large share of that ol' Mountaineer Pride. If you're one of the approximately 295,000,000 Americans who don't pay attention to college football played in a stadium that holds less than 80,000 people, you probably don't follow Div 1-AA ball. That's your loss. The level of competition is super high, with amazing ball being played all over the country. At the same time, the games are personal and relatively cozy without hoards of fairweather fans clogging the stands. The players seem to be in it for love of school and the game, as the chances of getting snatched up by the NFL is somewhat lower. It's just good ball played for fun by talented athletes.

Anyway, if you DO follow D 1-AA, you might be aware that the ASU Mountaineers are now 9-1 and ranked #1 in the entire Division. They put up 42 points this weekend. That's the 6th time this season they've scored over 40. They're now assured at least a share of the conference title, and have a strong shot at a 1 seed in the D 1-AA playoffs. (Playoffs! What fun! Beats the hell out of bowl games.)

Anyway. Many don't care. I'm excited.

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Yedam said...

Settling things on the field rather than with computers and polls... what a novel concept

Go Apps!