Geez Louise.

It has been one serious weekend. Let's do the rundown:

High points: Kickass bluegrass show at the House of Blues.
Carrie and Chris's really nice wedding.
Doing my part in the creation of Zoran's latest epic film.
Having a Chicago-style pie with Jarman during his Albuquerque-Raleigh layover.
The discovery of Cajun Fried Potato Salad at Fatty's in Dekalb, IL.

Low points: The cold.
Rain storms.
Getting caught in both, simultaneously, without and umbrella or raincoat.
Finding that my car had been towed after walking through items A and B.
45 minute crosstown bus rides to retrieve aforementioned car.
$125 tow fees.

The upshot is that all of the low points occurred within about 4 hours. The rest of the weekend more than compensated.

And since in all the excitement, I failed to snap a single picture, you all get to look at a picture of me breakdancing. That should make your high point list.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a classic 'Tim young' weekend. Fun!